Way Home

Standing down on the street

waiting for my nice little Girl

taking a walk on my feet,

just to get away from that dirt.

Waiting so many years

stright on the Credit-Line.

Waiting so many years

For a living that makes me feel so fine.


On my Way Home,

I’m on my Way back home.


I woke up the other morning

ask what Im doing there?

I woke up the other morning

Looking for an ice cold beer.

Then I went back to my Bar,

do what I allways need,

A Bottle to be a star

down on good old Bourbon-Street.


I’ve tried to change my mind

tried to be a glorious saint.

I tried to let the drinks behind

for an easyer place I went.

I’ve tried to live with my Lady,

a few kids and a cat in a house

But the pirat in me said maybe,

May be I just cant stand it out.


And when the sun is shining

you are looking for the truth

no lausy wind is crying

Babe just after you

No wishes for the future

No hope passes through.

let‘s look out for a new way,

far away from you.


I gonna run, run, run / run far away from home.

I gonna run, run, run/ run far away from you.


And if there is some hassel

I don’t feel very good,

I dont need any muscels

to walk through Hollywood.

So let‘s listen to the music

let’s find out what’s to do.

let‘s look out for a new way,

far away from you.


If there is some dirty action

you better move on around

Cause there is no satisfaction

my poor little Clown.

We are waiting till the sun shines

There‘s nothing else to do,

let‘s look out for a new way,

far away from you.


Take fifteenthousand miles

just for fading far away

You will earn a million smiles

a new friend in every day,

you said you take it easy

there‘s no other Way to do

let‘s look for a new way,

far away from you.